Autoboygraphy by Christina Lauren deals with the Mormon religion and the LGBTQ community. It shows how the church might look to a person who is part of the LGBT community and it discusses what it might be like for members of the church and why it is that they believe what they believe. It also deals with homophobia both inside and outside of the church.

It is known that the LDS church does not perform same-sex marriages. That along with other things has lead to controversy about the LDS church. There are multiple articles on the church’s website that elaborate on their stance on the issue. There are many organizations and projects going on to help aid those of the LGBT community that are having a hard time with family and friends, including those that the LDS church sponsors.

Christina Lauren addresses the conflict between the church and the LGBT community in a way where you can see things from both sides. A young man who does not have a personal history with the church but has only heard bad things regarding the church’s stance on same-sex couples meets another man who is secretly gay and actively a part of the church.

I have always enjoyed issue-driven novels because they are always more emotional than other books because it is coming from things that we are seeing and experiencing in today’s world. These kinds of books help to see what people might be going through and helps the reader to have a better understanding. I really like the book despite the controversies, it is interesting to see things from both perspectives and think about things in a different way to understand where the characters are coming from.