I tried to capture what Sebastian’s inner turmoil might look like in an image. The pride flag is representing him being gay, and the matches and fire are depicting how it is burning him up inside that he can’t be himself. The water that you can see at the edges of the picture is representing that he is trying to put it out, but he won’t let himself remove the barrier (the glass over it) to extinguish it.

This picture is for all the times they went on hikes together to get away from the rest of the world so they could just be with each other and not have to worry about anyone seeing them. The picture is meant to look peaceful and have a sense of hope because every time they got to leave everything behind they got to be themselves and let themselves hope for something better.

This picture is for when Tanner was writing his book. His book played such a huge role in the story. It was his way for him to think through everything and put his feelings down on paper because he didn’t have anyone that he could go to to talk about it with. His book is also what ended up helping Sebastian come to terms with his own issues and realize what he wanted.

I have already finished the book but as it was coming to an end everything was starting to build up more. They were both going to leave and I couldn’t see a way for them to resolve their issues and stay together without one of them giving something up. I ended up liking the way that it ended. It was a lot better than what I was expecting. I was setting myself up for disappointment but was pleasantly surprised when it ended the opposite way.