Book Declaration Term 3

For this Term I chose to read If I stay by Gayle Forman. This book was published on April 9, 2009 by the Dutton PuIfIStay_movie.pngblishing . I chose to read this book because looking at the cover you can tell whats going on in the story. They have a picture of her parents hobbies, and a big problem that happens in it. There are 237 pages and the main girl is a teenager named Mia.


The author that wrote If  I stay was  Gayle Forman Gayle was born on June 5th 1977 and is 49 years old. She grew up in LA, California with her 2 daughters and her husband Nick. She loves to cook and travel.

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The book “If I stay” is about a girl named Mia who loves to play the cello. But she gets the most difficult decision to either pursue her musical dreams as a cellist at Julliard or follow her heart with the love of her life a boy named Adam. He is a singer/ guitarist. I think in this book she picks Julliard and the boyfriend gets mad at her with a lot of Drama but then picks her boyfriend. And in the future even though she didn’t  get the dream she always wanted but she is still happy.







Book declaration Term 1

  13 gifts                   

      This term I have decided to read the book 13 gifts by Wendy Mass. This book was published on 2011 by the Barns and Noble Inc. in the USA. I chose to read this book because I love 11 Birthdays and Finally that are books Wendy mass also wrote. And I could relate to the main Character who is 13 like me.



              13 gifts was wrote my Wendy Mass. This was written in 2011 by the Barns and Nobel Inc. Wendy was born in Livingston, New Jersey August 22, 1967 and is 52 years old. Wendy worked at town bookstores and libraries. As a child she would have compete with friends to see who could read the most books. Before she was an author she wanted to be an astronaut but she took a writing class in High school and decided that she wanted to be an author.

     This is Book is about a girl named Tara who is 13 years old and in 8th grade. She gets in huge trouble when her parents find out that she broke into school and stealing a Goat and pepper spraying the principle was not a good idea. As punishment she is sent to her Aunt Bethany’s house in a little town called Willow Falls to learn to find herself. The story includes a hot teen movie star, a boy who sings in the bottom of the pool, and the strangest girl shes ever meant Angelia D’ Angelo who Tara has to find 13 mysterious objects before her 13 birthday she will do something really bad to her. I think what will happen in the book is that they will be traveling a lot to find these 13 objects  and she makes friends along the way. This book has 339 pages. I like to read for an hour at home everyday. This is defiantly an exciting book.