Book show and tell-one of us is lying

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I read the book one of us is lying by Karen M McManus and I really enjoyed it. It’s about these four highschool students with big secrets who would do anything to keep those secrets under wraps.( but I won’t tell the secrets as to not spoil it) But in the book one of the friends ends up getting murdered, and everyone is trying to find out who did it.
I would recommend this to anyone who likes YA murder mystery’s.

Lit Circle Blog Post

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I read Autoboyography, and the songs that jumped out at me the most from our list were Youuu by Coin, Yoko Ono and The Story by Conan Gray. I loved everything about the novel, and I loved our playlist because it fit all of the characters very well. I don’t have anything to hate or dislike about the novel or our playlist to be honest. The novel made me said just  seeing the internalized homophobia that Sebastian had and how it hurt Tanner so much, because I have been in that same situation and know how it feels. I think that this book was amazing and probably my favorite book now.

Blog #6 Talking pictures

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(I emailed you the images)

mountains: Sebastian and Tanner live in provo, and right by the canyon. This is a very important part of the book, because just out of Sebastians backyard is a trail that leads up the mountains that would be the two boys escape place to go to get away from other people and just be themselves together. It’s where Sebastian confused that he was gay, and it’s where they had their first kiss which obviously is a big deal to the book.

classroom: The classroom represents the one that Tanner and his best friend took together to write their book in the span of four months, that Sebastian taught. It’s where the two met, and where Tanner grew a huge crush on him. It’s where they had tension between them, good and bad, and where Tanner wrote his book about his and Sebastians love story.

flowers: The sunflowers represent the ones that Sebastians family and friends and ward members would bring to him throughout the book, congratulating him for the publishing of his book and his progress to going on his mission. This is a big burden to Sebastian, because he feels guilty about being gay and doesn’t feel worthy to go on a mission and preach to others about exactly the “bad” things that he is doing.

I finished this book, and I thought it was amazing. I loved seeing Tanner fight for his best friend and his crush, and also see the turmoil that Sebastian went through through trying to accept himself and see what he would stand for.

Blog post #5

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I am reading the book Autoboyography, and in this book they are covering the LGBTQ+ issues teenagers are faced with, specifically here in Utah where a big portion of the population is LDS.

This specific issue got started way back when Christian religion was a thing. Latter Day Saints are tought that same sex attraction is bad, and that family and marriage is only between a man and a women. That is the only way you can get to the celestial kingdom. The church has changed their stance on this subject a little bit, saying that it is okay to have initial feelings for someone of the same sex, but you cannot act on it or else that would be considered a sin. Lots of people deal with this problem, including gay and Mormon Mathew and Jana, who are a part of the church and acting straight. In the book they talk about how they hope the church will change and be more accepting to the LGBTQ community. There is a Latter day saint LGBTQ resources center anyone can reach out to if they feel alone.

The author has made an interesting point of view for the readers and characters, where the main character is gay and living in Utah and showing his struggles going along with that. It’s not too serious of a book though, so it’s fun to read and relate to.

I love this book so far, I’ve never related more to a book and it’s very enjoyable to read. I have read The Hate U Give, and it was a good book, but I defiantly enjoy this read more.


Book Show and Tell -The last to die

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(there where no pictures on google)

This book was a murder mystery about this group of friends that go around breaking into peoples houses for fun, and for the adreniline rush. Eventually the main character, Harper, realizes that they could get caught and go to jail, so she confronts her friends and tells them to stop. They all get in a big fight, but they end up not doing anymore break ins. A few days later however, one of the friends in the book dies from an overdose, and another friend from a car crash. Harper is convinced its her friend Alex who is killing them all off.

This book was very enjoyable, and a quick read. I recommend it to anyone who loves murder mystery and suspenseful YA books.

Blog #3 Bookish comforts

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Image result for bookSome of my bookish comforts are feeling excited when getting a new book in the mail or at the store just like him. We also love the feeling of a physical book in our hands, and I feel like lot’s of people can relate to that. It just gives a different vibe than reading something on a laptop or your phone. We also both enjoy going to the book store and just looking at all of the book covers. Just being surrounded by all of those stories is so fun and comforting. I also always tend to go to the book section of any store I’m in.

I tend to be very picky with the type of books that I read, so any young adult fiction books about friendship or romance or murder mystery’s are always a go to for me and make me feel happy and comfortable. I love being able to relate to the characters to some extent, which is something I can’t exactly do with fantasy or history books. I love the thrill of a murder mystery, especially if it’s intertwined with some romance.

My perfect reading condition would be what it was like this last summer, which I did quite often. It’s nice and sunny outside, but not too hot where I sweat too much. The grass would be soft and green and I’d bring out a big picnic blanket and grab some sunglasses and water and lay out in the sunshine while reading a book. It would be even more perfect if I could do this in the sand at a beach but sadly Utah does not have those.

Blog #2 Steelhearts upbringing

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Steelhart is a vicious man who doesn’t care about anyone other than him. He thrives off of ruling and controlling others, and when it comes to breaking the rules, he has no mercy. Everyone either loathes him, or pretends to like him in order to keep him from killing them. He wasn’t always like this, however.

This man used to be just like any other low life in the city. He grew up in a poor and unforgiving household. Some months he would live in a torn down apartment, and some he would live out on the streets, begging for a loaf of bread or money, with only a single blanket to keep him warm. Steelhart is not a stranger to pain and nothingness.

As for his family life, it is the reason why he is who he is today. His father only gambled to get money for his family, and even then he was not responsible with his spending’s. He would waste it all on beer and cigars, and would come home drunk almost every night, telling his son that he deserved this break from all the hard work he’s done. His mother was lazy as well, and would sit at home all day watching things on the tv or stuffing her mouth with donuts.

Anytime Steelhart would ask if he could go get a job to be able to afford food, his dad would always scoff and shake his cigar butt at him.

“No one would want to hire a skinny little pussy like you.”

His mom would laugh from the couch and nod.

“Your father is right, steelhart. No one would want you. We didn’t even want you in the first place! You were a mistake and you’re a burden to us every day. If you weren’t here we would actually be able to feed ourselves!”

Steelhart would flinch from the harshness, and his dad would chuckle and swat at his head, teasing him but actually hurting him in the process.

“It’s not my fault im here. The least I could do is get a job to get us some food.”

His dad would raise his eyebrows and look over at him mother, and they’d both burst out in mocking laughter.

“As long as you are under our roof, you will not do anything.”

He never had control over his own life, and that’s why he is so controlling now. As soon as he got a job and went up in the government, he put all of his anger and powers out onto innocent citizens.

Evelyn P

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I am Evelyn Peterson and I do enjoy reading, I just don’t get much time to do it.

I first learned to read in elementary school.

My favorite books are Since Youve Been Gone, Her Royal Hyness, and any YA murder mystery book.

I like to read in my bed with my heating blanket on or outside in the summer on a blanket. I love YA murder mysterys.

I like to read just one at a time.

My favorite to read are any YA romance or murder mystery.

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Post #5: News Article-Evelyn Peterson B8

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I read the article Foreign Policy: Punish Iran’s Rulers, Not Its People on the website npr. This article is basically about how Iran is getting restless and wants to expand they’re economy, and not live under the US sanctions that they’ve been under for the past three decades. Iran has a nuclear program, and the US is trying to halt their progression, along with Iran’s plethora of guards, which they say are their economic power. Some guards where even boasting about all of the weapons and missiles that they have. “Ahmadiejad declares Iran to have become one of the worlds great “nuclear powers.”” “Facing few remaining domestic and international competitors, the guards have developed a virtual monopoly on all economic sectors, including construction, energy, transportation, and recently telecommunications.” People are standing up for a change, including doctors and lawyers, wanting a more flexible political and social system where they can get better access to the world outside of Iran.

Obviously, Iran is in a state of unrest and worry. The people need, and want a change, and are now fighting for it and standing up for themselves. The US is trying to calm them down and convince them to halt their nuclear program, but their Guards, or army, is getting bigger and stronger, and obviously more boastful about the dangerous weapons they carry.

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