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mountains: Sebastian and Tanner live in provo, and right by the canyon. This is a very important part of the book, because just out of Sebastians backyard is a trail that leads up the mountains that would be the two boys escape place to go to get away from other people and just be themselves together. It’s where Sebastian confused that he was gay, and it’s where they had their first kiss which obviously is a big deal to the book.

classroom: The classroom represents the one that Tanner and his best friend took together to write their book in the span of four months, that Sebastian taught. It’s where the two met, and where Tanner grew a huge crush on him. It’s where they had tension between them, good and bad, and where Tanner wrote his book about his and Sebastians love story.

flowers: The sunflowers represent the ones that Sebastians family and friends and ward members would bring to him throughout the book, congratulating him for the publishing of his book and his progress to going on his mission. This is a big burden to Sebastian, because he feels guilty about being gay and doesn’t feel worthy to go on a mission and preach to others about exactly the “bad” things that he is doing.

I finished this book, and I thought it was amazing. I loved seeing Tanner fight for his best friend and his crush, and also see the turmoil that Sebastian went through through trying to accept himself and see what he would stand for.

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