The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

I think that my favorite story that we read was the story The Sniper. “The Sniper” was about how there is a sniper on a roof during the Ireland war. While he is up there he and an enemy sniper get into a snipe-off. He gets shot in the arm but snipes the other guy with his revolver. When he looks at the dead body he finds out that it is his brother. The story was kind of disturbing but the author did a good job of creating suspense in the story especially when he turns over the dead body. The first time I read the sniper the suspense made me really want to know what was going to  happen.

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The Good Stuff

Things that I am grateful for; I am grateful for a lot of things One of them being that every thanksgiving I know that I am going to write about being thankful. One of the things that I am thankful for is pie. If there was no pie at thanksgiving dinner than I would be forced to eat disgusting things like stuffing and cranberry sauce. I don’t see how anyone can like stuffing, what is there to like about it. Another thing that I am grateful for is that there is a break in school in sometime in November because second term starts feeling really long right before the break.

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Everybody was finally equal

I think that on way that we “keep people down” today is by making fun of them for being better than you at something. If someone is really smart you call them a nerd. I mean like that’s not really fair unless they play terraria or something like that. We should stop making fun of people for being better than you unless they are really weird and play terraria. Even if they do play terraria then you should still be nice to them anyway because believe it or not they have feelings to. So the bottom line is just to be nice to everyone even if you play COD and they don’t.

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What’s this got to do with me?

The story that i read was “The Sniper. It was about a guy that was a sniper in the Ireland war. he was on a roof top and he saw an enemy truck and sniped the guy that was on the turret. Right after that he got sniped by a different sniper on another roof. He pretended to die and than when the other sniper got up he shot hum with his revolver. He went over to see who he had just killed and it was his brother. This kind of reminds me of last night when my mom was telling us some story about my great grandpa in world war 2 for veterans day and I was trying to sleep. All of the sudden someone tore my blanket off and left me to freeze. I thought that it was my brother so I kind of smacked him. Than I found out that it was my sister Clara who stole my blanket. Oops, my bad.

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Suspense and Word Choice

One day I was trying to find some peanut butter and I went into my sister Clara’s room. Normally I wouldn’t do that but she seemed like the kind of person that would steal peanut butter. While I was digging through the mess under her bed I heard a horrible growling sound coming from behind me. I turned around slowly and was horrified t be face to face with her cat, London. She must have left the cat to guard the peanut butter. Behind the cat on the shelf I saw not just 1 jar of peanut butter but dozens. All of the sudden the cat burst into flames and vanished. That was weird bit I just grabbed the peanut butter and made my sandwich. later when i went into my room to go tt sleep I hear mewing. Oh man, the cat is haunting my room.

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Free Body and Soul

Both of those storied were confusing an didn’t make a lot of scene to me but here is what i think that they are saying. I think that Locked Inside was about someone that wanted to do a lot of things but couldn’t because he mind wouldn’t let her. I think that The Story Of An Hour is talking about how the girl is sad that her husband died but she is happy that now she can get all of his stuff. She is so sad that she dies when he walks in the room. I think that if I like didn’t have rights that i would be sad that my husband died but happy at the same time.

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1st Term Business

This term I learned a lot of things in english. One of those things is learning to put my opinions into a blog post. Another thing that I learned this term was learning how to organize my paragraphs and write them fast enough to actually get them done before the end of class. I also learned how to annotate articles on random subjects. The main thing that I learned is how to actually get something done in class. Some of the things that I want to happen next term are to get an A in this class. I also want to learn how to type faster and I will probably get faster at typing by typing all of these blog posts.

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Technology, Friend of Foe

I don’t know about other people but I have kind of mixed opinions on this subject. I mean like I want a phone and I wouldn’t mind an Xbox or something but at the same tome I don’t want to become one of those people. like Minecraft is great and all that but sometimes you just need to chill out because those creepers will still be there tomorrow. The one things that i’m still triggered about was when the district blocked Cool Math Games. That was the saddest day of my life when I went to open Cool Math Games and it didn’t work. Also i’m not going to name names but I would really prefer if certain people wouldn’t Photoshop me to have weird red-brown skin, because that is really weird.

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The First Story I Read

The story that I read was called the “Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury. The story is that there in the future there is a  company that invents a time machine and uses it to take people back in time to hunt dinosaurs. They have to be really careful though because anything that they do in the past could cause big change in the present day. They aren’t even allowed to walk on the ground of the past and there are hovering walkways. When they found a dinosaur one of the guys gets scared and runs over the dirt back to the time machine. When they get back to the present they find out that he stepped on a butterfly and… you will have to read the story to find out what happened.

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What I’ve been reading

The first book that i read in this class was the second book in the Percy Jackson series,  “the sea of monsters”. That book was OK, it was definitely better than the first Percy Jackson book which was actually pretty boring. It was so boring that i don’t even remember what it was about. The second book was at least better enough that i can kind of remember what happened in that one. After i finished that book i started this weird book called “Dark Lord” It is about some kid who used to be a dark lord, kind of like Sauron in lord of the rings. It is a weird story but the authors writing style is pretty funny.

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