Book Declaration Term 3

For this term I have chosen to read the Scorch Trials written by James Dashner. My book was published in 2010 by Random House. I chose to read this book because I’ve read the first one and I liked it so I decide to read the next one. There are 360 pages in my book and the main character is a kid named Thomas.

James Dashner wrote my book, my book was written in New York in 2010. My author is the youngest of 5 siblings, He said that the Maze Runner was his favorite book, and he was always picked on by his siblings.

I expect the plot to be their running in the desert getting chased by cranks, and the conflict is going to be between the Gladers and WICKED. I expect the main characters to make it across the desert and find a safe-haven. This book has 360 pages in it and it will take me 60 days to read it and I would need to read 6 pages a night.

Book Declaration Term 2

For this term, I have chosen to read Million-Dollar Throw written by Mike Lupica. This book was published in 2009 by Scholastic Inc. I chose to read this book because I like sports and when I read the book I thought it sounded interesting. There are 244 pages in my book and the main character is a kid named Nate Brodie.

Mike Lupica is the author of my book. My book was written in 2009 in Pottstown Pennsylvania. Mike Lupica graduated from Boston College. He was born in New York and moved with his family to New Hampshire. He became a sportswriter in Pennsylvania.

The basic plot of Million-Dollar Throw is a 13-year-old kid named Nate Brodie who is given a chance of a lifetime to throw a football threw a small target 30 yards away for one million dollars! The conflict is of the story is between him and pressure. I’m expecting him to make the throw through the target but then all these problems will arise because he made it. This book has 244 pages in it and it will take me 39 days for me to read it if I read 6.5 pages a night.

Book Declaration Term 1

For this term I have chosen to read Beyonders A World Without Heroes By Brandon Mull. This book was published in 2011 by Aladdin the publishing company. I chose to read this book because my friend read it and he said said it was good and I owned the 1st book and the 2nd book so i decided to read it.

Brandon Mull is the author of my book, He has 4 kids, once won a pudding contest, and he now resides in Utah. His book was written in the united states of America and was written in 2011.

I expect the basic plot of my book will have the main character fighting some force of evil and having major conflicts along the way. I think the major conflict will be with the main character (Jason Walker) and the antagonist (Maldor). I’m predicting the main character is going to find a special word that’s going to help him defeat the emperor but he’s going to get captured or something. My book has 454 pages and I will have to read 13 pages each night if i’m going to finish by October 4th


All About Me

All about me, I have two brothers and one sister. My parents names are Brett and Belinda. My favorite hobby is soccer. My least favorite hobby is video games. I like the outdoors and I like to swim but i’m not super good at it. My favorite activity outdoors is probably boating. The best thing I did over the summer was go to California. My favorite ice cream is bubblegum flavor. My least favorite Ice cream is chocolate flavor.

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