Suspense and Word Choice in a Freewrite

Eerily she sat there. Darkness surrounded her. “Get out of my head” she cried. Nothing happened. She sat there crying. “Why is this happening to me” she whispered to herself. Something was creeping towards her. Glowing red eyes. “No” she whispered. I need to get out, I need to save me before she thought. “DON’T GET ANY CLOSER” she yelled. She was frightened, she had nothing to defend herself with. ” why is this happening” she cried. She was then picked up by her legs and thrown across the floor. “STOP” she yelled, barley able to breath. “Don’t get any closer!” she yelled. The darkness stopped, an inch from her. A black figure stepped out. “what are you” she asked. The darkness just stood there. “WHAT ARE YOU” she yelled again. The black figured mouthed “depression dear” She stood there shaking hImage result for depression drawingser head. “No, no, no” she said. The blackness closed in and she screamed. Everything was silent, not a single sound around.

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