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Post #4: Background Information

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What is the population? Where do most of the people live? 126,710,000 Tokyo
What is the capital city and how many people live there? Tokyo 9.2 M
What is another major city of the country? What things are in that city? Yokohama big buildings
What are the major languages spoken there? Japanese
What statistics can you find on poverty, agriculture, disease, or energy? There is alot of people but low percentage of poverty
What religions are central to the country? Buddhism
Are there any significant dates related to the country that share some of its background history? Wars

Book Club Response 1

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My book is about a bunch of people in guatemala and they live in poverty soldiers came looking for someone and they couldn’t find him but the civilians are scared so they think of a way to fight back.

The author is Skila Brown she is an author. She lives in indiana. No there isn’t. She traveled to guatemala. she has 3 kids. i think they will figure all the bad things out.

Hello world!

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