Caden Houchin Blog Post #4: Short Story

My short story I chose was Aladdin. In this story there is a guy and he is very poor. One day Aladdin goes and explores in the desert with  a guy who is called the false uncle. The story he heard is that if he finds this area and goes into the mouth of the desert, he will be rewarded with seemingly unending gold. So Aladdin and the false uncle go into the mouth to explore it and Aladdin finds a lamp. He rubs the lamp and finds a magic genie, the genie grants him three wishes. The royal guards find out that he found this crazy cool place and decides to attack him. He gets captured and has to lead them to where he found this. The theme is that money is not the most important thing in this world and you can be happy without it. This story takes place in the middle east and shows how the culture is. The poor people are almost forgotten about and the people with money are in charge.

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  1. Thanks for getting this in and adding these details from your piece! I would have loved more about the inferences as well.

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