Book show and tell.

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The book i chose for my book talk is the second book of the mistborn series. I did my first book talk on the first book and for my second book talk i chose the second book. The story follows the events after the fall of the final empire and the main character Vin and her husband elend who has taken up the role as emperor of the capital of the final empire. As they try to pick of the peices of the emperor and more and more threats appear to take advantage of the situation to gain land and power. There is a massive plot twist and the end and luckily there was a third book to explain things.

Project blog post.

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Never gonna give you up. Rick astley

Man in the mirror. Michael jackson

When im back on my feet. Michael bolton

I loved the short chapters, it made it feel more compact and easier to understand, it also made it feel more impactful and like time was going by. The characters and the story and what it represents was very well done and i enjoyed it.

I hate that i couldnt choose songs that i actually wanted to do, but i liked being able to branch out and listen to music that i wouldnt have before. the book on the other hand i thought was done very well and i didnt hate anything in particular.

Its a depressing story at first and seeing alot of real world problems instead of the “Oh no the dragon is attacking the villiagers!” that im used too is rough. Somthing that made me happy was when she became good friends with rosa and the character progression with that.

Blog post #6

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Flower: The flower goes back to when she the main  character jessica was in the hospital and she had alot of flowers from her family and friends, some of the flowers were withering which also adds to the setting of the depressing hospital.

Staircase: the staircase relates the the story as jessica at the start of the book cant go up stairs but when she gets her prosthetic leg later on in the book she reconquers stairs and can go up them with some difficulty.

Track: the track is the overall most important picture and it relates to the boo because the entire book is based on jessica running for track and losing her leg because of track and regaining the ability to walk and run because of track the whole book revolves around getting jessica to run agian and working through the struggles, financial and emotional to get her back on her foot and to run agian.

The Author is moving things in a very believable way and i can clearly see how this book will end.

Book show and tell. Mistborn, Well of Ascension

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This is the second book of the series, After the lord ruler is killed by vin the god/ruler of the world, it was thrown into chaos as it would if your immortal god and tyrannical ruler was killed. The group that was once was overthrowing the empire are now learning how to ruler over the capital city with little knowledge as the rest of the empire devolves into chaos from  the lack of enforcement and stability. The city is being besieged by a man named Straff venture and his son Elend,  the “king” of the capital city which he is besieging, The whole time they are searching for the well of ascension and at the end of the book they find it in the city they were in the whole time, they go to it and it stabs Elend and forces vin to release the mysterious spirit like entity into the world, and everything goes downhill from there.

I loved this book, its a great read and i would recommend it to anyone who likes action and brandon sanderson’s work

Blog post #5

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  1. This book is about a girl who loses a leg in an accident and then dealing with the loss of the leg and being different because of it. It deals alot with Depression, anxiety from financial issues and accepting that you are different.
  2. Depression anxiety and loss of limbs have been around since the dawn of time, but here is a site that goes with it.,and%20spiritual%20recovery%20time%2C%20too.
  3.  It has not really done anything for awareness, but it does help show another path for people experiencing somthing like this and the struggle that come with it.
  4.  Issue driven novels are good but i havent read a book like this with issues that are not about world ending catastrophes in a while

You really cant find any pictures on the school wifi, theres nothing good but heres the picture. Toronto Sprint

Book show and tell- Mistborn

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The book i read for my book show and tell was book one of the mistborn trilogy but im also reading the series for my 3 required books and im about 1/2 the way through the second book and stuff that happens gets jumbled up in my mind but the book summarized is that a teen girl named vin joins up with a crew of thieves basically when she realizes that she is a mistborn and they are contracted by the citizens living in the last empire to rebel against the lord ruler and free the people and without spoiling anything the story is just about them planning and finding ways to kill or defeat the lord ruler who is basically god and there is a little bit of romance alot of violence and action and suspense and all that with some mystery sides.

I loved this book and i like the second one alot too, i would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy post apocalyptic and most importantly Brandon sanderson because we just finished steelheart by Brandon sanderson and if you enjoyed that you will like this too.


Blog #4 Series planning

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DISCLAIMER: Apparently Mistborn is not a alpine school district friendly book so i cant find any pictures of the books so please let me have a pass just this once.


Im going to be reading the Mistborn series and i chose it because i like brandon sanderson and i read the first book for english 11 and i might aswell just keep going because i want to read them anyway, And i heard they are good. As i said before i read the first book for my english 11 book report and ive already started on the second book and im about 1/3 through that book. And so ill just go at a steady pace and if i fall behind my set deadlines i can sacrifice more time to reading it and get it done by the due date.

Blog post #3

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  1. Alot of the things the guy talked about i relate a lot to.
  2.  Books do bring me comfort but i dont really read the kind of books that you would think would bring someone comfort, Mostly the chill parts of action books or fantasy.
  3. Sitting by a window on a winter day with alot of snow outside or on a chair or at a desk desk at midnight lit by a lamp, Or rain of course.     My final thoughts would probably be that i dont really read any books that would seem to be like a bookish comfort but its that they are not that make them so appealing, if you have alot of action and stuff going on it makes the downtime or nice chil moments even more special and vise versa for chill books and action books.

Blog post #1

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I myself dont read alot but when i do find a good book i tend to binge it until its over. I first learnt to read when i was a small child and my favorite books to read were, anything really if the cover looked cool i would read it and i would not do classwork and just read all day alot back in the good ol days.

The books i read nowadays are alot of brandon sanderson books as he got me back into reading after not reading for a couple years. I like to read one book at a time and finish it but i have no issue in juggling books if i have to for an assignment or school, otherwise if i love both ill just wait to finish one before starting the other. my favorite things to read now are anything by brandon sanderson fantasy action and interesting books based on real stories. I know pop lit is not really going to cater to my choice in literature too much but what could expanding my horizons do, probably wont be so bad.

Blog #2 Backstory of steelheart

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Just as a preface i have read steelheart before but that was about 6-7 years ago when it came out, and i dont remember anything really about it.

As a little bit of a backstory for the backstory, it could be because im remember only a little bit but i think what steelheart does is out of fear and the first chapter can give you all the clues to that theory on its own if you think hard enough.

This is not a super far back childhood backstory, its set a couple months after the thing that gave the epics their powers.

Backstory: it had been only a few months after people started to become epics myself included, from what ive seen my powers are more powerful then others i have amazing powers and ive started growing bigger in every way basically. Before the calamity i was a average timid fearful man, fearful of what might happen and most importantly i fear death and i fear my time on this planet ending. That fear soon subsided when i realized how much strength i have. The only thing i need to be the strongest man is for people to fear me. Those who dont fear me can hurt me and i will stop at nothing to make the whole world fear me bit by bit so i can become immortal and never fear death agian.

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