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The book i read for my book show and tell was book one of the mistborn trilogy but im also reading the series for my 3 required books and im about 1/2 the way through the second book and stuff that happens gets jumbled up in my mind but the book summarized is that a teen girl named vin joins up with a crew of thieves basically when she realizes that she is a mistborn and they are contracted by the citizens living in the last empire to rebel against the lord ruler and free the people and without spoiling anything the story is just about them planning and finding ways to kill or defeat the lord ruler who is basically god and there is a little bit of romance alot of violence and action and suspense and all that with some mystery sides.

I loved this book and i like the second one alot too, i would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy post apocalyptic and most importantly Brandon sanderson because we just finished steelheart by Brandon sanderson and if you enjoyed that you will like this too.


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