Book show and tell. Mistborn, Well of Ascension

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This is the second book of the series, After the lord ruler is killed by vin the god/ruler of the world, it was thrown into chaos as it would if your immortal god and tyrannical ruler was killed. The group that was once was overthrowing the empire are now learning how to ruler over the capital city with little knowledge as the rest of the empire devolves into chaos from¬† the lack of enforcement and stability. The city is being besieged by a man named Straff venture and his son Elend,¬† the “king” of the capital city which he is besieging, The whole time they are searching for the well of ascension and at the end of the book they find it in the city they were in the whole time, they go to it and it stabs Elend and forces vin to release the mysterious spirit like entity into the world, and everything goes downhill from there.

I loved this book, its a great read and i would recommend it to anyone who likes action and brandon sanderson’s work

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