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Flower: The flower goes back to when she the mainĀ  character jessica was in the hospital and she had alot of flowers from her family and friends, some of the flowers were withering which also adds to the setting of the depressing hospital.

Staircase: the staircase relates the the story as jessica at the start of the book cant go up stairs but when she gets her prosthetic leg later on in the book she reconquers stairs and can go up them with some difficulty.

Track: the track is the overall most important picture and it relates to the boo because the entire book is based on jessica running for track and losing her leg because of track and regaining the ability to walk and run because of track the whole book revolves around getting jessica to run agian and working through the struggles, financial and emotional to get her back on her foot and to run agian.

The Author is moving things in a very believable way and i can clearly see how this book will end.

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