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Never gonna give you up. Rick astley

Man in the mirror. Michael jackson

When im back on my feet. Michael bolton

I loved the short chapters, it made it feel more compact and easier to understand, it also made it feel more impactful and like time was going by. The characters and the story and what it represents was very well done and i enjoyed it.

I hate that i couldnt choose songs that i actually wanted to do, but i liked being able to branch out and listen to music that i wouldnt have before. the book on the other hand i thought was done very well and i didnt hate anything in particular.

Its a depressing story at first and seeing alot of real world problems instead of the “Oh no the dragon is attacking the villiagers!” that im used too is rough. Somthing that made me happy was when she became good friends with rosa and the character progression with that.

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