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I chose this picture because it reminds me of how they are trapped

I chose this one because it is a piece of technology which clearly describes the book because it is surrounded with it

This picture because it is virtual reality goggles which is the world they are living in in the book

This one is the scene right before one of the characters die because they are contemplating giving up or trying to push through

I feel like the conflict is coming together pretty well and in a plausible and believable way. Yes I fell like they are going to get out of the trap but into another one somehow and with not very many of them left.

project blog post

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ugly heart, rise, life changes, mean. I loved that I found songs with lyrics that fit the book so well. I just hated that I felt like down the whole time and there wasn’t ever really a super happy point in it. It made me sad that they had to be away from each other and not just that but in an internment camp?! It made me very sad and angry for all of them. I did enjoy this book and learning more about this issue.


Book show & tell—the lovely bones

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The book is about a teenage girl who is just living life and going to school but one day going home from school, she gets taken and raped and murdered. The rest of the book shows her her perspective and how she is trying to accept her death and she has to watch her family and friends struggle to move on without her in their lives while she still tries to come to terms with her own death. I love this book! This is the kind of books that I enjoy reading the most, there is also a movie so I am going to watch that now and see how it compares but I don’t think it can beat the book. I recommend this to high school kids and older because I think some parts might be a little too graphic even for some middle schoolers. But, I think anyone would enjoy it.

blog post #5

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It is about people being put in internment camps, in the book it is a teenage girl. So the main issue it is trying to bring up is people being put into internment camps for muslim Americans. Also, about the muslim registry and exclusion laws. It got started from the muslims Americans. It ties to the book because the book is about a teenage girl that gets taken to an internment camp for the muslim Americans and has to be away from her family. It actually love the book so far. I didn’t think I would love it but I actually do. Also, yes I enjoy issue-driven novels because it helps me to also learn about real life problems.

book show & tell–the lovely bones

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The lovely bones is about a young girl who is unknowingly being stalked by a neighbor and one day he lures her into his treehouse in the woods and she ends up getting murdered and you learn about her journey of accepting her death and her family trying to figure out what happened. I love this book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a little bit more intense books.

book show & tell divergent

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The novel I read was divergent. It is about a post-apocalyptic version of Chicago and follows the main character, tris prior as she explores her identity or “faction” that she belonged to. They define their identities within a society that defines it’s citizens by their son ill and personality related affiliation with the fiver factions. Tris’ test comes back divergent, which means she could belong g to more than one. She ends up picking dauntless. From there it shares her journey with romance and being divergent. I really enjoyed this book. I have seen the movie before but the book is way better. I enjoy super intense and thrilling books which use exactly what this is. I honestly recommend this book to everyone. It its a great read!

Final steelheart post

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First of all, I’d like to start with how much I enjoyed the steelheart novel. It had so many scenes that rose questions about heroes and villains, and even how humans play a part in their lives. One point we can take away is how, for there to be a good hero there needs to be an even better villain , so the hero or protagonist can be printed in an even better light. As for humans, I believe they ca n be considered heroes, even without superhuman skills. I think too make a good hero your just have to be willing to sacrifice yourself in order for the audience e to really connect and see the character as a hero. I liked the surprise ending a lot, and all the hints that led up to it. The only thing that I wish was explained a bit more was how the epics received their powers. I also would have liked to learn more about Megan after her surprise reappearance and more about prof. Lastly, for our podcast me and my partner are going to focus on the theme of revenge, as well as the villains. We are focusing on the villains because they are obviously a large part of the novel and it will be nice to go more in-depth on them. Then we are focusing on revenge because this is a very prominent emotion David feels throughout the whole book so we wanted to discuss whether or not it’s a viable/ethical motive. All in all steelheart was a great read and I can’t wait to finish the series.

blog #4 series planning

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gI chose the steelheart series because I have already started it and it was really interesting and I loved it so I wanted to continue. I have read the first book and I plan to read read each book in about a month and a half.

blog #2 steel heart backstory

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“Why are you like this?” Young steelheart asked his sister. Of course, he went by Declan back then, he wouldn’t be known as steelheart for another year or so.

“Because why would I try to do good if nothing good ever happens to me,” his sister answered. She had just stolen an apple from a young child. Food was scarce for them. She’d become cynical after their parent’s death. He hadn’t seen her smile since that day, it was only a year ago but it seemed like an eternity. Their parents were killed the day Calamity came. Declan and his sister were left orphaned, alone, to fend for themselves the streets of Chicago. She was happy before, and it pained young Declan to his sister suffer. He still believed in the good of humanity but it was getting harder when his only family was so pessimistic.

“Still, don’t you believe in karma? Or helping others less fortunate?” Declan begged, hoping for any hint sympathy or goodness his sister’s response. Anything at all to help keep him positive and giving, for those were the characteristics his parents were best known for. Instead of a loving response, his sister pulled him in close and said in a sharp tone, “Do you really think any of that matters? Bad things happen to the best people. Look at what happened to mom and dad. Bad things will happen to you no matter what. The world is bad and even if you try your hardest to help make it a better place, someone will come along and try even harder to ruin it. So stop caring about everyone else and start caring about yourself, you are number one always. If you have a heart of steel, then you can never be hurt.”

Declan’s head was pounding, he couldn’t believe what his sister had just said. He was so fragile then, he didn’t know what to think or believe. He wanted so badly to be good but it was getting harder and harder these days. Then with almost impeccable timing, an epic rose above them in the sky. he wore a mask darker than night night and was shooting our energy from his hands at any passing bystander unfortunate enough to be standing in his aim.

Declan looked at his sister, too stunned to know what to do and looking for some sort of direction, “Run,” she tried to scream but was cut short. The epic had hit her and she was pulverized mid-word. Declan screamed for his sister, all that he had left was gone. Then a strong force wrapped around him and pulled him into the sky. He struggled but soon gave up knowing where he was going, Calamity. Everything he loved had been ripped away from him. It was then with the image of his sister and her last words in his mind that his heart turned to steel.

post #1 introduction

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My name is Ciara Marcon. I first learned to read in first grade but started reading actual chapter books in third grade. My favorite book was for sure wonder. I love to read outside when the weather is good. It is so quiet and peaceful and I can just focus on the book. I really like mystery and fiction books. I would rather just read one book at a time because then I can get super into it.

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