Book declaration book 3.

Brandon MullFor this term, I have chosen to read Beyonders written by Brandon mule. This book was published in 2012 by Simon and Schulster Children’s Publishing Division. I chose to read this book because I heard about it and it sounded like a interesting choice for me to read. There are 454 pages in my book not including the exert and acknowledgements. The main character so far is Jason.


Brandon Mull rote the book I am reading. The book was written in 2012 and I could not find the location that this book was written in. He likes to pop bubble wrap and his passion for books he kept a secret.

The basic plot i have seen and heard so far. Is that he gets transported to a different world where there are no hero and a all power full bad guy and Jason has to help them defeat him. The bad guy is trying to get full control of the world is my guess. I am predicting that they win somehow win using a magic key word because they this that it might kill him. It has 454 pages so. I will probably finish it in around two days at the most.

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