book show and tell Michael vey book 5

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For my book show and tell this term I will be presenting Michael vey book 5, storm of lighting.

Book 5 leaves off in Taiwan where book 4 ended. Michael and the rest of the electroclan in a safehouse after succeeding at their mission from book 4. Michael gets word from the voice that their base of operations was destroyed by the Elgen. The electroclan goes back to the U.S. and crosses the border into Mexico to look at the ranch they were staying at after it had been destroyed. After that they go to a hotel in Arizona. They are surprised to be “attacked” in the middle of the night by their friend Gervaso. Gervaso was looking for the electroclan and found them. He took them to the new ranch which was in Utah called Christmas Ranch. They went on a new mission to save an Elgen EGG who was on the run from the Elgen. The EGGs are people of the Elgen that are directly under Hatch. The electroclan meet a girl named cassy who was sent by the voice to help the electroclan with their mission. They succeed and go on another part of their mission which continues in the next book, book 6, The Fall Of Hades.

I really loved the book and the whole series I would recommend this book to anyone that loves science fiction.

blog post #6

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The flowers reminded me of when Jessica was in the hospital and people brought her flowers. Jessica’s friends brought her gifts when she was in the hospital recovering and one of the gifts that were brought to her were flowers.

The track reminded me of Jessica’s dream of running. She loved to run, Jessica got up early to take her dog Sherlock for a run. She loved to race on the track, to participate in school races.

The van reminded me of how she had to get into her fathers van when she left the hospital. Jessica had to jump up into the van because it was taller than her.

The conflict is coming together because Jessica is depressed that she lost her leg and now she figures out how hard it is for people with a lost limb to live through life. She realizes how hard it is to do daily tasks without a limb.

blog post #5

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some issues are depression from losing a leg in the book the running dream. The author is trying to make us aware of the effects of depression. Depression started because people were just really sad and felt bad about their current situation. It is not clear who made people aware of depression. The author is succeeding at bringing more awareness to depression. Jessica in the story is depressed and shows the reader the effects of depression. I wouldn’t normally read issue-driven books, but the running dream is a good book. I have not and probably will not read anymore issue-driven books.

blog post #4

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I decided that I am going to read the Steelheart series. I found the first book interesting an I really loved the story and plot. I have only read the first book in the series and I am going to read the rest of the series for my final.

blog post #3

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Some of my bookish comforts are when it is just a little chilly inside so I can put a blanket over myself. Both the person and I both love lined up books on a bookshelf. I like it because it just looks visually appealing. Books usually bring me comfort when I am invested in the story. the perfect surrounding for when I read a book is just laying down on a bean bag or my bed and reading countless pages at a time.

Other bookish comforts of mine are just being able to lose focus of everything else around me. Just being able to “fall” out of this world and into the world of the book. Imagining myself as the main character as well as every other important character in the book.

blogpost #2 steelheart backstory

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Steelheart stared into the eyes of the humans. Their eyes filled with anger, frustration, and fear. Fear? why was there fear in their eyes, was it the possibility that they were afraid of him. No, they were afraid of something else. They were afraid of their boss perhaps? Yes, he could tell by the way they worked that if they didn’t get results, their boss would fire them. That was why they were frustrated, they couldn’t get any samples from Steelheart, his skin would not be penetrated. Little did the scientists or Steelheart know what would happen next. Steelheart would break free, and control Newcago.

The scientists were working as hard as they could. They were trying to get samples and run tests to get the results their boss wanted. Steelheart was just trying to be good, he tried to help the humans. The humans disregarded him and other epics as below the humans different, but also the key to unlocking new technology.

Steelheart tried helping the humans, defending them from other epics. The humans denied that they had been saved by Steelheart. Steelheart would not try to help the humans again, he was going to rule them. He broke out of the holding cell he was in. He left and started planning his revenge on the humans, he was going to make an example. Destroy the government, show the epics that they can do whatever they want and no one can stop them.

All he had to do was find the right city. Chicago he thought, the perfect city for his palace and his empire. He would destroy important buildings, and do what he had to. He would rename the city to Newcago, and make the city into steel. Steelheart didn’t plan to kill all the humans, just those that disobeyed him. He would make the city desirable so people would be attracted to the city. He would make housing underneath the streets. Power water and food available to be worked for, but there were some problems where would he get the power. Another epic possibly, maybe if one even exsisted, he wasn’t sure. Steelhearts plan was almost in place he just had to get close friends, epics to help him control the city.

book show and tell michael vey book 1

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A young high school boy named michael vey is not an ordinary boy. He has powers no one else does. He has electric powers. When his mother gets kidnapped by the elgen, he and a few other kids, some of which are electric, have to go and save her. I thought the book was a great intro to the 7 book series, and I recommend it to anyone who likes action sci-fi books.

blog post #1

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I only like to read when i have a good book. I first learned to read in elementary school. My favorite series to read is the Micheal Vey series. I only like to read in silent places like my room. I like to read the enders game series. I only like to read one book at a time. My favorite types of books to read are sci-fi action books.

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