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Burma (Myanmar)

  1. The population of Burma is 51.54 million, the most densely populated city is Yangon.
  2. The capital of Burma is Naypyiday and has a population of 934,608 people.
  3. Another city in in Burma is Mandalay which contains the Shwenandaw Monastery.
  4. The language spoken in this country is Burmese.
  5. 32% of people live below the poverty line in Burma.
  6. The major religion in Burma (Myanmar) is Buddhism
  7. On August 11th the people of Burma celebrate aid Ul-Adha Day
  8. Fun Fact: Burma is the largest mainland country in southeast Asia!

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  1. Thanks for getting in your background information! Also, thanks for your sites included. Don’t forget to include an image with your posts. 🙂

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