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i cannot get a picture in there like i just cant figure it out


but i read hatchet by Gary Paulsen, hatchet is about a 13 year old kid named brian whos parents are recently divorced, and so he goes to live with his dad in canada

This is the first summer he will spend with his father alone since the divorce. Only Brian and the pilot are on the plane. Brian does not know the man’s name, and they don’t speak until they have taken off and been in the air a while. The pilot then explains the basics of flying a plane and lets Brian practice.

Suddenly the pilot has a heart attack, and he either dies or loses consciousness. Brian can’t tell which. Brian panics and then realizes he has to try to fly the plane. After some struggle he begins to guide it. He doesn’t know most of the instruments, but he identifies the radio and calls for help. He can only contact someone briefly, just long enough to tell them that there is no one who can fly the plane, before the connection breaks up. He calls for help over and over again for several hours. Eventually he concludes that he’ll have to land the plane. Not long after, the plane’s engines stop.

and basically after that the plane crashes and he has to live off the land for 54 days until he is rescued and i don’t wanna talk about any of his challenges cause i don’t wanna spoil the book, but i really like this book and the rest of the series of this book its really good and i love these types of books

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