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How I Feel About To Kill a Mockingbird

This book was actually very interesting to me. I’m just gonna be real, with all of the hype surrounding TKAM I expected the very VERY first page of the book to be action packed, insane plot twists, fast moving plot 100% of the time. However, I was HEAVILY disappointed when I realized Harper Lee takes about 15 pages to explain there was a really shiny blueberry on this one bush in front of this one persons house that happened to be deadly! I was very bored at the beginning of this book, and wanted to stop reading it because of how boring it was. But as the book kept progressing, things started to connect and make sense and it actually got VERY interesting. It just kept building and building and it was a very fun experience. I would say this is the same feeling I got when I first read The Book Thief. Not going to spoil anything for that book, but the idea is generally the same. If someone was willing to sit down and actually read this book, I would 100% recommend it to them. However, if somebody recommended this to me like outside of school and it wasn’t required for me to read it, I would have read like the first 2 pages and closed the book and never read it again because it was THAT slow in the beginning. But I’m very happy I got the opportunity to read it, I actually enjoyed it. 9/10. -1 point for having such a SLOW START! Like come ON what is the purpose of that? Just what???





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