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Things Have a Way of Settling Down

So this is actually really funny. During that moderately sized hurricane I was asleep. My dad says that DURING the earthquake like while it was shaking stuff up I literally got out of bed, went to bathroom still half asleep, washed my hands and then got back into bed and fell back asleep. So yeah that was fun. Anyways, I personally think it will take a LONG time before things go back to normal normal. Like normal as in, wake up, shower, go to school, come home, sleep. You know? This whole virus stuff is keeping everyone on their toes and everybody wants to be clean, but that’s the other thing. I think it’s weird that people find it so important to stay clean now when they should have been trying their best to stay clean forever? Anyways I think it will definitely be a couple of years before things go back to normal normal. But only time will tell.



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