The Good Stuff

NOW we are getting into the good stuff!

So despite it being Christmas time now, I was forced to write about what I am grateful for. One thing that comes to mind is money. No I’m not joking. I am grateful I have a house, a family, an education, and the money required to pay for all that. I am also grateful for humor. Humor defined most of our personalities! Also laughing is fun.

But the thing that really gets me, is something I talked about last night. My family was talking about some of the best memories from Christmas, and I said my favorite part was not receiving presents, but giving presents. And then there was a quote that appealed to me. “You can’t really remember all the gifts you received, but you can remember all the gifts you gave.” That hit me hard.

And yes I am aware that was more about Christmas than Thanksgiving. Just wanted to share that quote.

Anyway, that is “The Good Stuff”.

-Ryan Dix

2 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

  1. I like how you said you are grateful for humor, because I’ve never really thought of that, but I’m really grateful for it too!

  2. I liked how you said that about christmas! I feel the same and I love seeing peoples reactions when I give them presents.

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