What Would I Miss Most?

If I lived in the time of the great depression I think what I would miss the most would be air conditioning or cars. Air conditioning is the greatest thing ever. It can be 100 degrees outside but in your house it can be 60 degrees at the same time. Also cars are so cool. I know that they had cars in the 1930’s but there is nothng like a good truck or an old volswagon beetle in your garage that you help your brother fix. Something that I take for granted that we have is computers. Isn’t it amazing that you can look something up on line and imediatly get about 100 or more of the most searched results.

3 thoughts on “What Would I Miss Most?

  1. Wow!! I didn’t even think about AC. I mean that just goes to show that we take so much for granted and forget a lot of things that are just common.

    • It’s actually really nice. In my seminary class I sit right in front of a vent and it is kind of funny because every time I walk in there are 2 hymn books on top of the vent.

  2. Are you working on an old bug? I have a 1971 Superbeetle in decent condition that I play around with every now and then. They’re about the worst cars ever built, but there’s just something about them.

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