Post #3 New Article

The New article title is ‘Within Seconds Everything Was Gone’: Devastating Floods Submerge the Philippines it came from the New York Times and was written by Jason Gutierrez. The article is about how a typhoon devasted certain places in the Philippines. The locals haven’t seen storms like this in at least 50 years and many people lost loved ones. but they are trying thier hardest to find everyone they can and save as many lives as possible. It also explains how some residents don’t have sufficient enough funds to evacuate during typhoon season and must live through the storms.

An issue that this article shows is how when typhoon season comes around not everyone can evacuate and they have to wait out the storm on thier roofs. but when the floods come they cant get down from the roofs and have to rely on helicopters to pick them up. The Philippines are hit very hard with typhoons every year. In the article it says “ Those who can, evacuate. Those who can’t, prepare as best they can.” this quote shows how some evacuate but those who cant prepare the best they can but what if thier best isn’t enough for bad typhoons. In the Philippines the typoons can be very bad and the residents try thier best to prepare but when that’s not enough thier homes and some lives are lost. But by reading the article it makes it sound like because this happens every year the fillipino people are used to it and its a common thing. even though the people are used to it they should try harder to get more people evacuated in order to save more lives.


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