Book Show & Tell-All This Time

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All This Time is kind of like a sequel to Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry, and Tobias Laconis. It doesn’t have the same characters but it’s written by the same authors and has a similar feel to it. It’s about this boy named Kyle who is ready to go to college with his six year long girlfriend Kimberly. But on the night of graduation Kimberly tells Kyle that she actually wants to go to another college and is essentially breaking up with him so that they can explore the world and just take a break. But in the middle of their breakup they get into a car accident. Kyle wakes up in the hospital with terrible injuries and Kimberly is dead. The devastation of losing the person he loves overwhelms him as he tries to fight the daily battle. Then one day he meets a girl named Marley. He is determined not to fall for her and wants to just be friends, but they quickly form a connection and she seems to understand him in a way no one else does. He goes through the journey of healing and also falling in love, which is something he didn’t think he would ever be able to do again. 

I loved this book! I think Five Feet Apart was better but All This Time was definitely really good! It really made me think and put my life into perspective, while also making me feel for the character’s feelings and situations. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance or liked the book or movie Five Feet Apart. All This Time (9781534466340): Daughtry, Mikki, Lippincott,  Rachael: Books

Final Project

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For my project I read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. One of the songs that really stuck out to me was Must Have Been the Wind by Alec Benjamin. This song tells a story of a man hearing a women upstairs getting abused. He goes up to check it out and she seems scared with her sweater up to her chin. She says that there’s nothing going on and that the noise he heard must have been the wind. It’s so sad and I think it really goes along with the book because Eleanor lives in an abusive home and Park just wants to help her but she usually brushes him off and doesn’t say much about her home life.

Love Story by Taylor Swift also matches the story perfectly! It talks about how they’re both Romeo and Juliet in the book and how they love each other so much. The song talks about how the dad tells the boy to stay away from his daughter, which matches the controlling aspect of Eleanor’s stepdad. It also talks about how they sneak out of the house and how they’d be dead if they’re caught. Eleanor and Park sneak out too and it was a very dangerous thing to do with Eleanor’s dad.

I loved this book! It was so raw and real. The love story was beautiful in a unique and different way. It showed insecurities, abuse, hardships, love, and friendship. I really love our playlist too because I think our songs not only match the events from the book, but match the emotions and vibes of the story as well. A good example of this would be I Want to Hold your Hand by The Beatles. It’s about Eleanor and Park holding hands for the first time, but it’s also about how Eleanor and Park used to listen to that band as well and so they’re important to them.

Sometimes I felt frustrated by the book because all these bad things were happening! I know that makes a good story and it was essential but sometimes it was just a little too much. I felt really sad after reading it sometimes, but I guess that means Rainbow Rowell is a good author. I also didn’t like all the swearing. I loved our playlist so I guess the only thing I can complain about is that I didn’t know all of the songs before we put them on there so I didn’t connect with those ones as much.

What made me sad and angry was Eleanor’s life! She had such a hard time and was bullied not only at school but also at home. She was basically sexually assaulted and hated herself. Park also had hard times as well and it was just so sad to see the characters treated unfairly, especially since they wanted to be together so bad and it couldn’t work! Also the fact that Eleanor didn’t write Park back for like a year made me upset!

I’m happy I read this book! It’s been on my list for years and I finally got to read it! It was a good one too! So raw and beautiful. I’m glad I got to go more in depth with the meaning of it with my group too. It was a good and successful project I’d say!

Blog Post #6-Talking Pictures

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The comic books are a very important part of the story! That’s literally how Eleanor and Park connected. It all started with her sneaking peeks at his comic books on the bus. He was kind enough to wait until she was finished the turn the pages. Eventually he let her borrow some and then they would talk about it and joke around with which characters were best.

The headphones are similar to the comic books because they also connected the two characters. They would listen to music together and Park even made her a few mixed tapes! It was so cute! And I know it meant a lot to Eleanor. Some weekends she would just sit in her room and listen to them.

The necklace was also a super cute moment for them! Eleanor didn’t have a lot of nice things because she didn’t have a lot of money, but Park gave her this beautiful necklace for Christmas. But she had to hide it under her shirt so her step dad wouldn’t see, until he asked what she did with the $50 he gave her for Christmas. Even though she gave it to her mom, it was a perfect cover up because she said she bought herself a necklace.


I already finished the book and I thought the conflict was interesting and heartfelt (the abuse in the home),  but I didn’t necessarily think it was wrapped up nicely. I didn’t finish the book with a satisfying feeling. I get that it might be more realistic this way and the way it was supposed to go, which is fine, but it was just sad. They loved each other but she had to move away AGAIN because of her step dad’s abuse. Then she didn’t even write him back for a year! Which is crazy to me. But it was a good book and i enjoyed reading it, even if it was sad.

Blog Post #5.5-Eleanor & Park

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Some of the problems in Eleanor and Park are racial problems, bullying, and stereotypes. Another issue is also domestic violence and abuse.

There are many resources to help with these issues. One of them is the SafeUT app. It’s an app Utah bound for people struggling with bullying and mental health issues. For abuse in the home and domestic violence social services should be contacted. There’s also counselors at school and therapists who help with bullying and self esteem issues.

The author, Rainbow Rowell has created two main characters who face these problems on a daily basis. Park and Eleanor are teenagers just like me so it’s interesting to see them going through things like this. They are both seen as different from other people. Park is Asian and deals with racial problems along with have support from his parents and peers. Eleanor is overweight and is constantly bullied for that by her peers. She also deals with abuse in her home, whether it’s happening to her or her family by her step dad.

I finished the book the other day and I liked it. I thought it was a cute story that showed what it’s like to be a teenager dealing with all of those problems. I don’t mind issue driven novels. They’re pretty good but it’s not like my go-to genre. I’ve read a few others like The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas but I can’t remember any others at the moment. I’d say both of those books are very different and they deal with different issues, but they’re both good books.


Blog Post #5-Steelheart Final Project

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I definitely do not think that you need superhero skills to be a hero. David wasn’t an Epic and he still saved the day even when Prof could’t, who is an Epic. Sometimes it actually takes your human abilities to be the hero. You think differently and you’re more creative because you have less advantages. It’s often times the ones who are ordinary who end up being the hero in the story. It’s very inspiring.

In the novel I liked the love story. It was very different from any other love story I’ve read about. It’s not even a full love story yet. It’s still in development. And it starts with a boy who has a crush and a girl who hates him. The girl dies and the boy is heartbroken, but then finds out she’s a part of the villain’s team. But the girl now has a soft spot for him and doesn’t hurt him. I just think it’s super cute and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next two books. Something I wish I knew more about from the book is the background of Steelheart! Why was he bad? Did he have a bit of good in him? How did he become an Epic? Was he nice at first? Background!!

For the podcast we are going to discuss how people aren’t always who they seem to be. This goes along with both Megan and Prof being an Epic when we didn’t expect it. This is important to think about during life because sometimes people put up a face. It could be because they’re selfish and want people to like them or it could also be because they’re protecting themselves or protecting others. It’s important to know when someone is being truthful with you or when someone is lying.

Book Show & Tell-The Way of Kings

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The Way of Kings is essentially about a kingdom during a war. It has three main characters. There’s Kaladin, a slave who is very lucky and always seems to cheat death. Shallan is a girl trying to help her family by becoming an apprentice to a very well known scholar. And Dalinar is an older highprince who is fighting a war between his kingdom and another. The story switches back and forth between these characters through their trials and experiences. Kaladin becomes a bridgeman and tries desperately to keep his men alive. Shallan is planning to steal something very valuable. And Dalinar is trying to keep his kingdom intact and also coaching his nephew, the king. But there is something bigger going on. There’s strange visions. A sorrowful villain who does whatever he is told, which also includes killing others. There is confusion and war. Killing. Poisoning. Death.


5 stars!! I absolutely LOVED this book! It’s now my favorite book! The writing is amazing and I was sucked in right from the beginning! The story is so intriguing too and I just want to know what happens! The morales in this book are very inspirational too. I would recommend this book to literally anyone because everyone should read it. But to be more specific, I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy or medieval stuff or anyone who loves Brandon Sanderson.


Blog #4-Book Series

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I’m going to be continuing the Steelheart books as my book series. I chose this series because I’m already reading the first one so I might as well finish the series. Plus I love Brandon Sanderson! I’m currently reading the first book with the class and will start reading the second one once I finish the first. I have work everyday until 5:30 pm so I plan on reading after I get home from work everyday.


Blog Post #3-Bookish Comforts

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Books give me so much comfort. I practically check every store I go into for the book section, especially Target. The guy in the video said that he loves when books are stacked neatly and are the same size on a shelf. I’m the same way. I try to organize my books by genre and size, but it doesn’t usually end up working out. Reading a book on a rainy day! I love re reading my old childhood favorites! There’s a series I read in elementary school that I’ve re read like four times now. I just love it so much. I also love it when I can relate to the character’s and when I’ve gone through something they’re going through. I love smelling books! Sometimes when I’m reading I will just stop for a second and take in the scent of it. I love writing down notes about my books. I don’t write in them of course! But I do write down the quotes that I like in my notes on my phone, along with the page numbers in case I ever want to find the quote in the book again. I love it when books have deep meaningful quotes that I can take into my own personal life.

Books have brought me comfort because they let me enter into another world, leaving this one behind. I can be anyone and anywhere when I’m reading a book. It allows me to see other places and be other people. It gives me life lessons and good quotes to live by. Books give me something to be excited about and something to obsess over! A book series that gives me comfort is my childhood favorite that I was talking about which is Tuesday’s at the Castle. I just love the dynamic of it and how simple but fun it is to read. It’s a simple read because it’s for younger kids but it’s very enjoyable. I also love Tuck Everlasting, which is a book I read as a child. The movie adaption is one of my favorite movies too! The story is just so deep and beautiful. It’s about a family who can live forever but it teaches that there is something precious about limited time.

My ideal reading day would be a really rainy stormy day! I love the rain and cuddling up on the couch with my favorite book while I listen and see the rain would be amazing! I would get a blanket and wear the comfiest clothes I own while also eating some cut up strawberries.


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Blog #2-Rebirth

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Aaron Heart rose from the ground, nose bloodied and shirt tattered. The man above shoved him against the wall and began punching him time and time again. “Father stop!” Aaron cried. He heard the screams of his mother from the kitchen, pleading for his father to stop. Only this time she wasn’t there. The room was silent besides the rugged fist against his bloody face. His mother wasn’t there to protect him anymore. Just like he couldn’t protect her. Her own husband had killed her in his rage. And he was about to do the same to Aaron.

Broken nose, black eyes, blurry vision, cracked ribs, the taste of blood. His father dropped him once again. Aaron could barely move. He could barely see or even feel anything besides the pain. This is how his mother went out and this was how he would go too. He gave up. His limp body against the cold stone floor. Would this be how death felt? Cold. Painful. Empty. Whatever it felt like, it couldn’t be worse than this. “Just let me go,” he spoke softly. He wasn’t speaking to his father,  but to whatever being held his string of life together. To the one who watched over the world, who gave life and took it whenever he pleased. How unfair it was for someone to hold that much power. He wished he had it. He wished he could take life, the life of his father and give life, his mother’s.

His father’s fist pulled back for a blow to the chest. Aaron didn’t flinch or close his eyes. He just laid there with eyes open as far as they could go, staring at the man who took everything from him. He didn’t care anymore. His father’s fist held there as he looked at his limp son, the one whom he’d broken. Neither moved. Aaron finally spoke through a raspy voice, “Just do it.” His father’s face hardened as he sent the final blow to his son’s bloodied face. Aaron felt the impact but no pain. I must be dying, he thought. This must be death. The feeling of collision with no consequence of pain. But he was still there. Not dead. But he didn’t feel anything. Then he felt everything.

His body began to glow with orange light. He rose from the floor against his own will. He hung in the air. His father stared in in shock. Heat. He was heating up. It was almost became to much too bear. Then it was. He exploded into a thousand pieces. It wasn’t painful, he felt free. Free from every burden he’d ever carried. Free of the torment and torture. Free from the grief. He felt amazing. Only a moment passed and then all the pieces fit back together. He became one again. A light voice rang in his ear, “You are reborn, Steelheart.” He felt powerful. Too powerful, like he could do anything. He looked at his shocked father, who seemed to be worth less than the dust now. His father trembled and screamed, “What are you?” Aaron stared at his hands, his strong hands. “I don’t know,” he replied. “But I know what you are.” The worthless man backed away, his eyes transfixed on the once broken boy who was all stitched together now. Aaron grabbed him and shoved him against the wall. He pleaded, “Please, please son.” Aaron spoke softly in his ear, “You are nothing.” Then he finished him the same way he had finished his mother.


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Post #1: Introduction

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Hi my name is Ella Gross and I am a reader. I had a really hard time reading in second grade so I had to go to summer school. During third grade is when I really started getting into reading. The books that got me into reading are the Judy Moody series, so that will always have a special place in my heart. My favorite books right now are Edenbrooke, The Way of Kings, and the Harry Potter series. I like to read either on the couch, in my bed, at the kitchen table, or really anywhere that I can. I take my books everywhere with me just in case I find some free time. Today I like to read fantasy! I like to read only one book at a time if I can. But if I’m reading a personal book and I need to read something for school I’ll do that. My favorite genres are fantasy and proper romance! Lately I’ve been reading a lot more fantasy but I do go through long phases of proper romance, which is always fun!

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