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Books give me so much comfort. I practically check every store I go into for the book section, especially Target. The guy in the video said that he loves when books are stacked neatly and are the same size on a shelf. I’m the same way. I try to organize my books by genre and size, but it doesn’t usually end up working out. Reading a book on a rainy day! I love re reading my old childhood favorites! There’s a series I read in elementary school that I’ve re read like four times now. I just love it so much. I also love it when I can relate to the character’s and when I’ve gone through something they’re going through. I love smelling books! Sometimes when I’m reading I will just stop for a second and take in the scent of it. I love writing down notes about my books. I don’t write in them of course! But I do write down the quotes that I like in my notes on my phone, along with the page numbers in case I ever want to find the quote in the book again. I love it when books have deep meaningful quotes that I can take into my own personal life.

Books have brought me comfort because they let me enter into another world, leaving this one behind. I can be anyone and anywhere when I’m reading a book. It allows me to see other places and be other people. It gives me life lessons and good quotes to live by. Books give me something to be excited about and something to obsess over! A book series that gives me comfort is my childhood favorite that I was talking about which is Tuesday’s at the Castle. I just love the dynamic of it and how simple but fun it is to read. It’s a simple read because it’s for younger kids but it’s very enjoyable. I also love Tuck Everlasting, which is a book I read as a child. The movie adaption is one of my favorite movies too! The story is just so deep and beautiful. It’s about a family who can live forever but it teaches that there is something precious about limited time.

My ideal reading day would be a really rainy stormy day! I love the rain and cuddling up on the couch with my favorite book while I listen and see the rain would be amazing! I would get a blanket and wear the comfiest clothes I own while also eating some cut up strawberries.


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