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I definitely do not think that you need superhero skills to be a hero. David wasn’t an Epic and he still saved the day even when Prof could’t, who is an Epic. Sometimes it actually takes your human abilities to be the hero. You think differently and you’re more creative because you have less advantages. It’s often times the ones who are ordinary who end up being the hero in the story. It’s very inspiring.

In the novel I liked the love story. It was very different from any other love story I’ve read about. It’s not even a full love story yet. It’s still in development. And it starts with a boy who has a crush and a girl who hates him. The girl dies and the boy is heartbroken, but then finds out she’s a part of the villain’s team. But the girl now has a soft spot for him and doesn’t hurt him. I just think it’s super cute and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next two books. Something I wish I knew more about from the book is the background of Steelheart! Why was he bad? Did he have a bit of good in him? How did he become an Epic? Was he nice at first? Background!!

For the podcast we are going to discuss how people aren’t always who they seem to be. This goes along with both Megan and Prof being an Epic when we didn’t expect it. This is important to think about during life because sometimes people put up a face. It could be because they’re selfish and want people to like them or it could also be because they’re protecting themselves or protecting others. It’s important to know when someone is being truthful with you or when someone is lying.

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