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Some of the problems in Eleanor and Park are racial problems, bullying, and stereotypes. Another issue is also domestic violence and abuse.

There are many resources to help with these issues. One of them is the SafeUT app. It’s an app Utah bound for people struggling with bullying and mental health issues. For abuse in the home and domestic violence social services should be contacted. There’s also counselors at school and therapists who help with bullying and self esteem issues.

The author, Rainbow Rowell has created two main characters who face these problems on a daily basis. Park and Eleanor are teenagers just like me so it’s interesting to see them going through things like this. They are both seen as different from other people. Park is Asian and deals with racial problems along with have support from his parents and peers. Eleanor is overweight and is constantly bullied for that by her peers. She also deals with abuse in her home, whether it’s happening to her or her family by her step dad.

I finished the book the other day and I liked it. I thought it was a cute story that showed what it’s like to be a teenager dealing with all of those problems. I don’t mind issue driven novels. They’re pretty good but it’s not like my go-to genre. I’ve read a few others like The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas but I can’t remember any others at the moment. I’d say both of those books are very different and they deal with different issues, but they’re both good books.


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