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For my first picture that relates to the book everyday that me and my partner are finishing up represents the many many cars that A drives to and from school. In this book you find quit a few times all throughout the book they talk about putting on the radio in the car a lot it brings up the car in the very first chapter. For the second photo i took it because¬† often times again throughout the whole book you find them in Rhiannon’s school; one of the big scenes is when A goes to her school to find her and she gets mad at them because Justin her not to great boyfriend shows up as well, be mind even though Justin treats Rhiannon badly she still loves him so very very much. And for the third and final picture i choose this one because there is a scene where A and Rhiannon meet up to discuss some thing about there relationship and what they think is best for them. And that concludes this blog post on the pictures that relate to my book in varies different ways.


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This book¬† Everyday by David Levithan explores what it means to be gender less and or gender fluid. This book tends to place”emphasis” on mental heath throughout it as well and the issues with that as well as placing the main character in a position where they switch bodies everyday no matter who they Switch to weather it is boy, girl, transgender , LGBTQ, black , white, asian and everything in between they have to live that life for the whole entire day and then in starts over but with a diffrent life in a random person. Now lets focus on the main issue at hand; the main issue is transgender rights and the issues involving that.

Firstly to start off on a website called Human rights campaign; article being called “Understanding the transgender community” it talks about how transgender people do not get protection from discrimination in the workplace and in other everyday go to places as well such as restrants and etc. Other issues in this article is violance against trans people it states 47% of trans people have been sexually assalted or hurt in a way of other human being not very good people at all.

So therefore as i get more into the book it will keep being up issues that need to be addressed and fixed; overall so far a really interesting and good book that talks about real issues in today’s society.

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Me as a reader I am very inconsistent when I read cause I don’t read that often at all because most of the time I just get super tired and then end up doing something else cause I get so bored sometimes I don’t really know why. I learned to read in kindergarten but I struggled so I had to get help with reading all of elementary school and had a speech class cause I used to pronounce word that had the letter R in them and it was super annoying sometimes but I broke the habit and do not have to go anymore. I used to love reading Narnia a lot but now it is more grown up books that I love a lot because I relate to them a lot more because there not childish. I love reading in libraries there so quite and peaceful and I can concentrate a lot more and I love reading more grown up books that I relate to a lot or understand a lot more. I like reading books one at a time or I get super overwhelmed and stressed out easily. Adult and mature fiction and true story books are amazing as well I also love love love historical fiction and Non-Fiction as well so freaking good.

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