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Me as a reader I am very inconsistent when I read cause I don’t read that often at all because most of the time I just get super tired and then end up doing something else cause I get so bored sometimes I don’t really know why. I learned to read in kindergarten but I struggled so I had to get help with reading all of elementary school and had a speech class cause I used to pronounce word that had the letter R in them and it was super annoying sometimes but I broke the habit and do not have to go anymore. I used to love reading Narnia a lot but now it is more grown up books that I love a lot because I relate to them a lot more because there not childish. I love reading in libraries there so quite and peaceful and I can concentrate a lot more and I love reading more grown up books that I relate to a lot or understand a lot more. I like reading books one at a time or I get super overwhelmed and stressed out easily. Adult and mature fiction and true story books are amazing as well I also love love love historical fiction and Non-Fiction as well so freaking good.

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