Blog #3: Bookish Things

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A lot of the things he listed in the video line up with my own comforts. I like to read on rainy days, and I like new books. I really like the satisfaction of finishing a series. I like these things because they’re comforting when life is really challenging, and when you want to look for a more enriching form of entertainment. The book series I most liked was the Narnia series. It brought a lot of peace and meditative thought into my day.

I love to read on days when It’s muggy outside and my day has been hard, but I don’t have to work later, I don’t have homework, and instead I can eat a piece of dark chocolate with my mug of Crio or Tea and read on the couch in my music room when no one else is home.

Another favorite time for me to read would be in just a beautiful place. Like an ancient castle I’ve just explored, and now I can sit under the hot sun on the grass against a tree that’s in a secluded space that I found all on my own. Or maybe even just an old stone bench

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