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The book I am currently reading in my lit. circle is Dear Martin by Nic Stone. The main issue addressed in this book is racial discrimination. As I’ve read this book, I’ve been constantly reminded of a phrase Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used to describe white people who refuse to acknowledge the conflict presented by white supremacy and racial discrimination in general. The phrase he used was “white moderate”. Meaning a white person who stubbornly looks away in the face of opposition and injustice towards others of different races, and prefers negative peace to combating injustice.

This issue is rooted in thousands of years of slavery practices. Human beings were used as slaves to people who thought themselves better than the rest of the world. I believe that most of the people who have influenced my awareness of this issue are those who have suffered from it. Hearing the painful stories of crimes committed against people of different races has definitely awakened me to awareness, and the desire to change. Two organizations who help fight this issue are the NAACP and the BYP. These organizations dig to the roots of these social issues, and strive to achieve racial equality by addressing the causes, and looking for resolutions based on decisions and actions influenced through a cultural standpoint.

In this story, Justyce is arrested under the wrongful assumption that he was doing something illegal. This instance instantly draws readers in to the unfairness of the situation, and captures attention. I think that for the age group this book speaks to, unfairness is a great way to help people understand.

I have actually already finished this book, and I absolutely loved it. I cried when Manny died, and I loved it when Jus and SJ got together. I really do love issue-driven novels. I love to educate myself on the different kinds of pain others experience for different reasons so I can be more sensitive to my own actions, and how I can support others in a way that they would most appreciate. I have read others before, like for example: The Sun is also a Star, The Help, The Nightingale, and The Hate U Give. I think this one reaches more into the time period I live in. I like how that aspect makes it more relatable, and how books from deeper in the past can be more informative to the root of the issue.

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