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This first picture is a powerful reminder of the suffering of BIPOC in our country. When I look a this flag, and when I say the Pledge of Allegiance, I think of the soldiers who died defending freedom, and the people who died believing in that freedom.

This Picture reminds me of all the debates in this book. The debates are a huge par of the book, and they’re kind of like the skeleton. They shape the story, and lead us through the series of events.

This picture is a reminder of the parking lot where Jus is arrested while trying to help his drunk Ex girlfriend get safely home. This event is the catalyst that sets the mood for the story, and helps us understand Justyce’s new skittishness, and new awareness.

The conflict in this story is slowly rising, and you can feel that something big is coming up. The author uses Justyce’s nerves, and this tense calm to draw apprehension towards the next big part of this book. I really like it a lot, but after I began to notice the tension, I couldn’t stop reading it, and I finished it all in one night.

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