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For our soundtrack for the book Dear Martin, we wanted to pick songs that had a deeper meaning, and that identified with our characters. The songs by Deuce Diggs, Vince Staples, the song Don’t Shoot, and the one by TOBi, I feel like all really fit with our characters. They’re essential because of how they plainly express emotion, and tell the raw truth about this form of oppression. I loved the resolution at the end of the book between Jared and Justyce. I feel like the book really needed this ending after all the heaviness of tragedy and injustice. I hated hat Manny died. It made me so angry that he died over keeping his music loud when asked to turn it off. I’ve done that before, but I haven’t been shot. That’s a fact, and it is really, really hard to see, and read about scenarios where it seems that people are looking for an excuse to lash out, and harm others. However, I feel like reading a story like this one from the point of view of someone my age was really eye opening. I loved being able to catch a glimpse of his hardships, and be able to identify so seamlessly with a character like SJ. I really loved this book.

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