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Love Moderately

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In my opinion, I think Frair L. is trying to tell them to not get ahead of themselves and take it slow. He is mainly saying good things indeed do come to an end but don’t make it so obvious like you’re trying to. He’s looking out for the two to make the right decision since they’re so young. Knowing Romeo he might put it to the side and regret what Frair thinks. Knowing Juliet she might be caught up with the excitement of being married but will consider the opinion Frair has to give. I think Juliet and Romeo are so caught up with young love and are not as moderate.

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Sometimes people hate for innocent things such as, they took this the wrong way or they assumed something wrong out of the extent. They take things too far to the point where they get too worked up and hooked on it. I think people are capable of hating one another so deeply because it is not hard to forgive something that was taken too far, dependsĀ  on the situation if they deserve the apology or not. For example, I had a disagreement about how being unique isn’t a bad thing, it just shows how someone doesn’t care what people think and is brave naturally. While other people go out of their way to judge another persons point of view and think their way of being natural is right

Hello world!

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