Book Talk: Fallen by Lauren Kate

The librarian recommended this book to me. It was about fallen angels trying to save the world and their love. I recommended it to anyone who liked Twilight. It was a really good story. I read it as a second series.

Blog #8: Eleanor and Park Final Post

In the sound track, we put a lot of sad songs that had many different meanings when applied to Eleanor and Parks’ life. We decided that I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles, Love Story by Taylor Swift, and Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson were good matches for this story because of the bus scene where Eleanor and Park hold hands for the first time, the english class scene where they talk about Romeo and Juliet and also how Park and Eleanor are kind of a modern day version of them. And how Eleanor’s relationship with both of her father figures is kind of messed up. I did not know most of the songs on the soundtrack. I really like the songs that I put down although there were other songs that represented the book better. Eleanor’s step-father made me very angry and when she left Park, that was very sad. Over all, this was a super good book.

Blog #7: Talking Pictures

I chose the ear buds because park and eleanor bond well over music. they really connect through the songs they listen to and one of their first conversations was about music. I chose the necklace because park wanted to show eleanor how much he cared about her by getting her a gift. i think it was a sweet gesture. I chose comics because that was how they first started communicating. it was the first inciting incident that led to them talking and falling in love. I already finished my book so I know how the story plays out. I thought the conflict had kind of a plot twist at the end. I do not think its super plausible for most people but it could happen in an extreme circumstance. I thought the plot twist was super sketchy, and while I feel bad for Eleanor, I really liked the plot twist. It caused a lot of tension and darkness.

Blog #6: Social Justice Issue

Some of the issues in our book, Eleanor and Park, are racism, bullying, domestic violence, and stereotypes. There are a lot of places you can go to get help with these issues. There is the Safe UT app that you can go to for mental and social help and they can help you with bullying issues. Social Services should be contacted for domestic violence issues. Counseling can help you with bullying issues as well. The author has created 2 main characters that make us more aware of what makes people different. Park and Eleanor get bullied for being different when that is not nessessarily a bad thing. Eleanor is bullied because she is a little large and has red hair and dresses funny but no one knows that she has a bad home life. Park is bullied because his mom is Korean so he looks like her. The author shows that its alright to have different back rounds. I finished the book and really liked it. I have not read many issue driven books but I did enjoy this one.

Blog #5: Steel Heart Final

  • What do you think we’re left understanding about villains and heroes from the novel?  Do humans have a real role in hero stories or do we need superhuman skills to be a hero?
  • What did you like about the novel and what did you wish you knew more about or that Sanderson had written more about?
  • Finally, share what you and your partner are going to do for your podcast.  What themes are you focusing on and why were these so important?

Villains and heroes are subjective based on how you use the skills you are given. It all depends on the choices you make. You do not need super hero powers to be a hero. Anyone who uses their abilities to do something good is a hero. Like being a mom of 6 kids or being in the military.

I liked the lesson learned about how life is not worth living if you only live for others. I liked the characters and their development as people. I wish there had been more romance between Tia and Prof and David and Megan. I wish there had been more exciting names for the characters. David and Megan and Tia are all very boring and I like unique names. I also want to know more details about the factory David lived in when he was little.

We are going to do a podcast. We are focusing on Living vs Being Alive.  This is important because he learns that life is not all about revenge. You have to live for yourself and not for others. Do what makes you happy, not what you think is your responsibility to do.

Blog#4: Book Series

I read the 3 Dark Crowns series by Kendare Blake. I chose it because I really liked other books by her like her Anna Dressed in Blood series. I have already finished it but I am going to read another series called Fallen by Laura Kate and I am super excited about that one.

Book Show and Tell

I read the first book of the 3 Dark Crowns series by Kendare Blake. It was a really good book and I am working on finishing the rest of the series for this class. Its about 3 sister queens who have to kill each other to be named queen over the whole island. They hit some bumps in the road. There is a lot of sisterhood and a lot of romance. Its a little bit of a messed up story. I would recommend this to anyone who likes The Hunger Games and darker stories like that.

Blog Post #3: Bookish Things That Bring Me Comfort

I love reading on rainy days. It makes me so happy to sit on a couch with a blanket and snacks and a book. I love when books line up perfectly on a book shelf. I love movie adaptations of books that are really good. I love fan fiction and fan art of my favorite characters. I love when the characters I have been reading about fall in love.

Blog #2: Steel Hearts Back Story

When Steel Heart was very young, not yet in his double digits, he went by Sterling. He went to school every day, ate the same lunch everyday, and played the same video game everyday. Sterling did not have many friends since he was small and nerdy and quiet. His best friend was his father, a professor of history at Newcago Communal College, who dedicated his life to learning about World War 2. His father taught Sterling everything he knew and would always tell him, “Son, the men in these stories I tell you were some of the most inventive the world has every seen. We need more GOOD men with leadership qualities like Adolf Hitler.”

As Sterling got older, into his teen years, more and more kids began to pick on him.  They would exclude him from everything, trip him in the hallways, and shove him into the lockers. When he would tell his dad what happened, he would tell him, ” Stand up for yourself, son. Use some of those leadership qualities I have taught you so much about.” So he would go to school the next day and spread rumors about those who had wronged him. Sometimes, the rumor would grow so much that it would completely trash that persons reputation and Sterling would just smile and revel in his accomplishments.

When he reached the age of 17, his father passed away. He was flying to Germany for a World War 2 tour but his plane unexpectedly crashed. Sterling was so sad and angry that he vowed to always used the things that his father had taught him. He would be the bully instead of the bullied. The kids in school learned to fear him and the teachers would say, ” Watch out for Sterling. His fathers passing has turned his heart to steel.”

One day, in Sterling’s early 20’s, a new star appeared in the sky. When he went to get in the car to go to work, he ripped the door clean off. He experimented with his powers, finding that he was impervious to bullets and he could blast people with power from his palms. He knew what he would do with this new found power. He would become the greatest leader the world had ever seen, just for his dad. He would be even greater than Adolf Hitler, who he had idolized his whole life, thanks to stories from his dad. Little did he know, his father had left him a journal. In the journal it said, “I don’t want my son to grow up to be a bad man. Adolf Hitler was one of the worst in history but he knew how to lead a people. I want my son to take away the leadership qualities but leave the bad qualities where he can never reach them.” Its too bad that the newly named Steel Heart never found his fathers journal…

Blog Post #1: Introduction

Hi my name is Hannah! I am a very avid reader and love to read books to the point that I would rather read than talk to a actual human being. I first learned to read in elementary school when they required 20 minutes of reading every night but I quickly learned that I loved it. My favorite books are too many to name all of them but here is some:

Twilight, Gone, Throne of Glass, The Perks of being a Wall Flower, Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Host, 13 Reasons Why, The 5th Wave, Anna Dressed in Blood, Reboot, Three Dark Crowns, The Darkest Minds, and so much more.

I like to read in my bed with lots of snacks and a fluffy blanket with no one else around. I like to read just one book at a time but I read very fast so it usually doesn’t matter because I can get to all the books on my list in plenty of time. I love to read Post Apocalyptic Fiction, Realistic Fiction, and Historical Fiction Romance Novels. Moral of the story…I LOVE BOOKS!!!