Blog Post #1: Introduction

Hi my name is Hannah! I am a very avid reader and love to read books to the point that I would rather read than talk to a actual human being. I first learned to read in elementary school when they required 20 minutes of reading every night but I quickly learned that I loved it. My favorite books are too many to name all of them but here is some:

Twilight, Gone, Throne of Glass, The Perks of being a Wall Flower, Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Host, 13 Reasons Why, The 5th Wave, Anna Dressed in Blood, Reboot, Three Dark Crowns, The Darkest Minds, and so much more.

I like to read in my bed with lots of snacks and a fluffy blanket with no one else around. I like to read just one book at a time but I read very fast so it usually doesn’t matter because I can get to all the books on my list in plenty of time. I love to read Post Apocalyptic Fiction, Realistic Fiction, and Historical Fiction Romance Novels. Moral of the story…I LOVE BOOKS!!!

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