Blog #5: Steel Heart Final

  • What do you think we’re left understanding about villains and heroes from the novel?  Do humans have a real role in hero stories or do we need superhuman skills to be a hero?
  • What did you like about the novel and what did you wish you knew more about or that Sanderson had written more about?
  • Finally, share what you and your partner are going to do for your podcast.  What themes are you focusing on and why were these so important?

Villains and heroes are subjective based on how you use the skills you are given. It all depends on the choices you make. You do not need super hero powers to be a hero. Anyone who uses their abilities to do something good is a hero. Like being a mom of 6 kids or being in the military.

I liked the lesson learned about how life is not worth living if you only live for others. I liked the characters and their development as people. I wish there had been more romance between Tia and Prof and David and Megan. I wish there had been more exciting names for the characters. David and Megan and Tia are all very boring and I like unique names. I also want to know more details about the factory David lived in when he was little.

We are going to do a podcast. We are focusing on Living vs Being Alive.  This is important because he learns that life is not all about revenge. You have to live for yourself and not for others. Do what makes you happy, not what you think is your responsibility to do.

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