Blog #6: Social Justice Issue

Some of the issues in our book, Eleanor and Park, are racism, bullying, domestic violence, and stereotypes. There are a lot of places you can go to get help with these issues. There is the Safe UT app that you can go to for mental and social help and they can help you with bullying issues. Social Services should be contacted for domestic violence issues. Counseling can help you with bullying issues as well. The author has created 2 main characters that make us more aware of what makes people different. Park and Eleanor get bullied for being different when that is not nessessarily a bad thing. Eleanor is bullied because she is a little large and has red hair and dresses funny but no one knows that she has a bad home life. Park is bullied because his mom is Korean so he looks like her. The author shows that its alright to have different back rounds. I finished the book and really liked it. I have not read many issue driven books but I did enjoy this one.

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