What I’ve Been Reading.

During the 4 hours of our reading time I have been reading a book called, Choker. It sounds like a weird book but it is actually pretty dang good and very intense! I have been reading this one book the whole time, all 4 hours, apparently I’m a slow reader! I have really enjoyed reading this book though, it is a mixture of many genres. It has mystery, romance and murder! It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time! Some of the characters stress me out though because they do some stupid things. It is a very intense book and I have really enjoyed reading it, it makes me want to keep reading more.

3 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading.

  1. It sounds good! I feel like you should add maybe a little summary of the book, just 1 or 2 sentences so I could know what it’s about because you’ve made it sound really interesting!

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