October 2

What I’ve been reading

I’ve finished reading a guardians of the galaxy series, three in total. they each have about 140 pages. I didn’t like how the art style changed each book series. The art style slowly got worst going from the first series I read to the third. I’m currently re-reading the bone series which is always great. I love it because of the style and the main idea. I’ve also enjoyed the little short stories Mr.Green has had us read. They’re really cool and i can’t wait to read the next ones. It’s nice to finally find a book I can read without having to have a comic there for me to enjoy the writing.

(not actual book)

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4 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading

  1. Ashley

    I like to look at the pictures in comic books too, but I also like to imagine what the author is writing. Sometimes its boring though


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