What’s the Deal with Stories?

Stories can help people helping engage their imagination. We can feel connections and empathy through stories. They can help us relax, calm down, and distract for a bit from the bad of the world. The USA’s “rules” are shaped from what they thought and from past “rule books” in history, like the Magna Carta. We can have insight of what other people are, were, or will go through. People will tell/write stories to help people understand, help them look at things another way, have fun, escape the harsh world, show and feel human emotions, and help others see life in way they didn’t. Stories have reasons and lessons to help us live good lives, and learn from other’s mistakes.

New school year 2019-20

I am Isaak Jackson, and I am excited for school this year. I like reading Fantasy and Historical Fiction. I like to go hiking, mountain biking, and repelling. My favorite colors are red, purple, and blue. I like to do Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.