How I Survive Hard Things

When hard times come I just keep going because I know there are good times to come. I survive hard things by listening to music, eating, doing fun things with my family and friends. I haven’t had to many “hard times” in my life. When hard times come you need to look for the good feelings you’ve had and keep going because you want to feel the good again. I like to have fun so I try to always have fun, even when I have had a hard day. I like to play with my two youngest siblings because they are little kids that always try to get what makes them feel happy.

3 thoughts on “How I Survive Hard Things

  1. I really agree that when hard things come good things will follow.I also have not had much hard times in my life.

  2. It’s the best cause when you’re stressed out you go play with kids and they can be super stupid so it is super funny.

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