The Book Thief Film Review

What the movie did well: The movie was good at showing how life was like in Germany during the war. The also did music from the accordion well.

What the movie did poorly: They left out a lot of scenes that truly make the story, like Max being a boxer and him dreaming of beating up Hitler, Liesel and Hans drinking champagne, Rudy and Liesel helping to steal food, Rudy and Liesel stealing food from a kid riding on his bike, and many others.

Ways the movie was like the book: They had Max leaving his family for safety and other few scenes that are key to the story. The personalities of the characters were about the same as the ones in the book.

Ways the movie was not like the book: Didn’t have all the scenes from the book that made the story. It had the stuff to show the story, but it didn’t have the stuff that really made the message of the story.

What I thought of the movie overall: I really didn’t like the movie, because it left out too much from the book that made the story better. I liked the book way more than the movie.

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