On Not Being Seen

Misery and grief want to spread and infect others. When you’re arguing why do you keep arguing? Feelings spread, like when you are happy it can make others happy. Conor was just a student at school and then things happened to his mum, and then everyone figured it out and put it all on him. Then Harry makes him invisible, but Conor does want to be seen, but all the intention he has been having because of his mum. The monster wants Conor to see things that can help him improve and see things in a new way. After all of this stuff happening he wants to be punished so everything can seem balanced out.

2 thoughts on “On Not Being Seen

  1. I agree that he wants to be punished so thing seem normal. I think that we often isolate people because we don’t connect with the bad things happening to them, and we don’t know what to say. Even though we don’t have this bad intention to isolate someone it still happens.

  2. I feel like he wants to feel like other kids do. He is treated different and wants to be treated the same as other kids.

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