The First Story I Read

I chose the story ‘The Veldt” by Ray Bradlbury and its about some little kids living in a smart house. In the smart house there’s a nursery where the kids, Wendy and Peter, spend an awful lot of time in. So their parents, George and Lydia Hadley, started to worry about them because of what they made this fully realistic screened nursery. The kids made the nursery into Africa with lions and African veldt, which can seem pretty harmless, but when your inside you see lions feasting on the veldt and then when they’re done they come for you, Its not real of course. The house also made the kids lazy and they didn’t learn any skills. George and Lydia decide to shut down the whole house. Shutting down the house made the kids so mad so they screamed and cried. That’s the story and I like the story because its really interesting.

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