Strange Fruit

I didn’t love the poem but I didn’t hate it, I thought it was very interesting the subtle things in the poem. I thought it was interesting because it really put into perspective what happened to black people back then. It really hurt to really I felt disturbed and bad for the things happening. I think that the author was trying to tell the readers what really happened with out really telling us. The part about the rain and the wind was a little unclear to me. This really brought me back to 8th grade when we talked about lynching and it also reminded me of the movie JoJo Rabbit because people got lynched backĀ  then too.
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  1. I think the bit about the rain and the wind has to do with how the “fruit” is neglected and left on the tree. Normally, people gather the fruit, but neglected fruit is left out for the birds, wind, and rain.

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