Steelheart had a little sister. They were very close and he had a soft spot for her. He was her hero and that made him feel like he was everything. And to her he had been. Rosie was her name. She was five years old, she had gold pig tails and always wore a green poofy skirt. Rosie followed him everywhere he went. They did everything together.

He’d take her to the lake where’d she collect rocks. She’d give them out to all her friends and family as little presents. Although she hated when the rocks dried because they’d no longer be shiny and would lose their pretty color. Steelheart made her a little mini pool for them so they would stay wet and pretty. They spent a lot of time at the lake. Steelheart would skip rocks while Rosie collected.

About a year after her fifth birthday, they were on the way to the lake. There was a little trail in the woods that led straight to the lake. They knew it like the back of their hands. Steelheart heard a twig snap. He didn’t feel like they were in grave danger but there was still wild animals and Rosie was still small. He took her hand and told her to stay quiet. They climbed into a near by tree to get a better look of the surroundings. Three men walked down the trial. They wore strange gear and strange weapons. Steelheart didn’t know if they were good or bad so he stayed in the tree until they passed. He waited until he couldn’t hear them anymore before climbing down the tree. He decided it was safer if they just went home.

The men jumped out of the bushes and grabbed Rosie. Steelheart started to run after them. He yelled as loudly as he could, “No! Please! Don’t take her. Somebody help me!” Nobody answered. He ran as fast as he could but his foot caught a rock and he fell to the ground. When he woke up it was dark. At first he didn’t know where he was or what happened. But when he came to realize it hit him like a punch to the gut. He got up and ran again calling Rosie’s name. ” Please! Someone help me!” There was no response. He was out there for hours feeling feeling hopeless. After what felt like days to him people from his town finally came and started to search the forest for the kids. They only found Steelheart.

It crushed Steelheart’s family that little bright Rosie was not there. But it crushed Steelheart the most. He lost his little companion. As well as his best friend. He couldn’t be the hero she needed. And his heart grew cold. He decided then he couldn’t be the hero. So he decided the opposite would be the better option. He became evil and stopped caring. He felt no remorse and after a while he forgot himself and the way he used to be. His parents tried talking to him but he didn’t listen. They wanted him to try and get over himself. To be like he used to be and let it go. Steelheart replied, “Why try if I will just fail?”

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