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For my book I read This Heart of Mine. It’s about a girl named Leah. Leah has an artificial heart that she carries around in a back pack. She has many heart conditions and has to take numerous pills. She goes to school with twin boys in her grade. They popular an all the girls swoon over them. Their names are Matt and Eric. Eric commits suicide in the book and he has the same blood type as Leah so she gets his heart. In the story Matt and Leah develop a relationship by bonding over Eric. Matt doesn’t believe that Eric killed himself and neither does Leah because she has visions of Eric and she discovers clues on what happened to him. Matt and Leah end up falling in love and develop a connection as they uncover what really happened to Eric.

When I first started reading the book, I thought that Eric really had killed himself by the way the first part of the book made it sound. But the book was full of surprises and I really liked it. It is a mystery. And it was really fun to see what really happened and read as the characters figured it out.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes mystery and romance novels. This book is both. It was very descriptive and was in many different points of view.

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